Saturday, July 24, 2010

Episode 3: Apart and Together

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Thanks to Rachel of the knitcents podcast and Elise of knit misadventures

CrookedRow - my ravelry project page (note the Elmo!)

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Squash Vine Borer
Early Blight on Tomato

Allelopathic plants

White Flower Farms

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  1. I've been enjoying your podcast. I don't have a garden but 2 flower boxes with herbs, etc. on the balcony. Or at least that's what should be there. They haven't grown very well.

    I'm also a solo knitter. The only other person I know who knits more than now and again, is my sister in Canada. There is no knitting community in the city where I live and taking the train to the nearest one isn't something I really feel like doing. I'm so used to knitting on my own anyway.

    I checked out your Elmo on Ravelry. He's so cute!