Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Episode 10: Dormancy

CHANGING PODCAST HOSTING!!!! You can find the RSS feed here.

Thanks for enduring this podcast's dormancy!
Contact me at crookedrow@gmail.com or on Ravelry as CrookedRow. Join the Rav group.

No dirt under my nails this time, just snow.

Knitting update-
I'm lazy so I'm just going to post a link to my project page because I have everything updated there.

Sew what-
I've caught the sewing bug! Do you want to hear about it or not?

Make yourself useful-
Do it yourself plant light for starting seeds.

Look for a donation incentive in the near future!

Music provided by Music Alley, Damien Rice, and Ryan Adams.


  1. In case you don't end up podcasting again, wanted to say thanks - am buying my first house in a totally different part of the country then I grew up in and so have been pondering the yard and plants and your podcast has been really interesting and very helpful - got me excited about gardening again. would love to hear about sewing if you come back...jmmille on rav

  2. I really enjoyed your podcast. I'll have to go back and listen to the earlier ones too. What is the name of the song and artist at the end of episode 9. I think it was 9. It had a line in the chorus "I was made for you". I was looking for the show notes for 9 and didn't see them.